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  • Classic

    Can't go wrong with the classics. Perfect to dip.

  • Maple BBQ

    Crowd favourite BBQ sweetened with Aviateur sugar shack maple.

  • Salt & sumac

    For salt & vinegar lovers with a wild side

    Wild staghorn sumac & salt, a great conversation starter.

  • Garden Jalapeño

    Green jalapeños with freshly-picked herbs from the aviateur garden

How are Miett chips made?

  • When the soil rises to 10 degrees Celsius in the spring, we plant the potato seeds in our field.

  • Coming in all shapes and sizes, every spud is harvested by hand with the help of our loved ones at the very end of the summer.

  • Our seasonings are picked at the farm or not too far. No artificial flavours go in our bags.

  • Our potatoes are hand fried for that kettle-cooked crunch and seasoned before getting bagged.

Our ingredients

  • Our potatoes

    Our chips are currently produced with Atlantic potatoes. Unlike the selective harvesting approach, we believe that every potato, regardless of its shape and size, deserves to become a Miett.

  • Sunflower oil

    We fry every batch of Miett in organic sunflower oil. A product sustainably grown and processed by our local supplier. An essential ingredient to achieve our chips' ultra-crisp texture.

  • Sugar Shack Maple

    When the snow starts melting, maple syrup is produced at the Aviateur Sugar Shack. Once harvested, the maple water is boiled down to sugar.

  • Staghorn sumac

    Often attributed to Mediterranean cuisine, staghorn sumac is a wild spice indigenous to Quebec. If you look closely, you can spot it growing alongside our province's roads!